Hi, I am Paul Chen!

Hi, I am Paul Chen!

Hi, I am Paul Chen!

Made in Taiwan. Designing in California.


I like helping people, one design at a time!

I am a product designer with 3 years of experience in software development and human-centered design. During my UX career, I have worked on mobile, web, and cloud apps with creative teams to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

I was introduced to UX through Industrial Design (Undergrad). I love UX because it allows me to tinker with technology and work with people.


I am a photography enthusiast!

I like taking portraits, landscapes, and street photography. Currently saving money to buy a Fujifilm camera — ideally X-T100 series or X-T4— while using my iPhone 13 Pro Max as the daily driver.

I am also a home chef!

Starting my culinary journey during the COVID lockdown, inspired by several cookbooks that I bought out of impulse as well as online recipes, I now make European and Southeast Asian dishes on a daily basis.

Currently serving Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Spanish, Mexican, and American dishes at home.